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Contact Us

For more information or to make an appointment or referral: call 781-433-0672, ext. 5738.

For help after a traumatic event: call 888-851-2451, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and ask to speak to a Trauma Center Manager.


Larry Berkowitz, EdD – Director
781-433-0672, ext. 5621

Joanna Bridger, LICSW – Clinical Services Director
781-433-0672, ext. 5615

Sarah Gaer, MA – Suicide Prevention Specialist
781-433-0672, ext. 5662

Nanci Ginty Butler, LICSW – Senior Clinician, Coordinator for Program Development
781-433-0672, ext. 5642

Jenny Huynh, LMHC – Operations Manager
781-433-0672, ext. 5738

Marlene Kenney, LICSW, MA – Trauma and Loss Practice Coordinator

Jim McCauley, LICSW – Associate Director
781-433-0672, ext. 5619

Waheeda Saif, LMHC – Program Coordinator
781-433-0672, ext. 5617

Diane Lehner – Administrative Assistant
781-433-0672, ext. 5666

Fax: 781-444-0314



Riverside Trauma Center is a service of Riverside Community Care, a non-profit organization. Services are funded through the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, donations, and grants. There are cases when a fee applies for a service we provide. Please talk to a Riverside Trauma Center staff member about your specific service request to see if there is an associated fee. All contributions are welcome and appreciated.