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Trauma and Loss Counseling

Trauma and Loss Counseling

Riverside Trauma Center offers private-pay trauma counseling and grief counseling for children, adults, and families in Massachusetts affected by acute trauma resulting from events such as natural disasters, serious accidents, suicide deaths, or other sudden loss. For some people, extreme stress following traumatic events can be overwhelming and cause lasting psychological effects if left untreated.

Our trained, licensed clinicians have expertise in treating trauma and loss utilizing highly effective therapies which facilitate recovery, including:

These therapies can help people manage their symptoms and develop better coping skills.

For questions or referrals, please contact Jenny Huynh, LMHC at 781-433-0672, ext. 5738 or

A sliding fee scale is available upon request.


Riverside Trauma Center is a service of Riverside Community Care, a non-profit organization. Services are funded through the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, donations, and grants. There are cases when a fee applies for a service we provide. Please talk to a Riverside Trauma Center staff member about your specific service request to see if there is an associated fee. All contributions are welcome and appreciated.