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Trauma Center Resources

Trauma Center Resources

Covid-19 Resources

Statewide COVID-19 Support Services

Actively Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Safety, Predictability & Control in the Midst of COVID-19

Managing Sleep Disturbances During COVID-19

Reflection, Regulation, & Relaxation: The 3Rs of Self-Care in Managing COVID-19 Related Stress

Reflexión, Regulación, y Relajación: Las 3Rs de Autocuidado en la Gestión de la Tensión Relacionada COVID-19

Self-Care for Parents During the COVID-19 Crisis

Supporting Your Child During the COVID-19 Crisis

Managing Reactions to the Coronavirus

Important Current Topics

Reactions to Highly Stressful or Potentially Traumatic Events
What Parents Should Know About 13 Reasons Why
Talking with Your Children About Highly Stressful Events – Election
Practicing Self-Care After Highly Stressful Events – Election
Talking with Your Children About Islamophobia and Hate-Based Violence

Dealing with the Aftermath of a Tragedy

Talking with Your Children About Traumatic Events
Children and Trauma
First Responders: Responding to Suicide Fatality
Book Resources for Children on Death and Dying
Anniversary of a Traumatic Event
Coping with Loss During the Holidays
Practicing Self-Care After Traumatic Events
Emotional Health Issues for Survivors
Things to Think About and How to Care for Yourself
Disaster Distress Helpline 1-800-985-5990 (Nationwide); available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Depression and Suicide

Riverside Trauma Center Suicide Postvention Guidelines
Differences Between Adult and Teen Depression
Supporting Your Teen after the Suicide of a Friend
How is Your Sleep Affecting Your Mood?

Coping with Death

Understanding the Grief of Children
Normal-Expected Reactions to a Death
Tips on Coping: How We React to a Death

Social Media and Suicide

Social Media After a Suicide Loss: Tips for Students
Social Media After a Suicide Loss: Tips for School Administrators
Social Media After a Suicide Loss: Tips for Parents How to Support Family and Loved Ones via Facebook
How to Support Family and Loved Ones via Facebook