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Our Annual Conference and Other Events

Our Annual Conference and Other Events

Riverside Trauma Center’s Annual Conference

Every year Riverside Trauma Center holds a cutting-edge conference highlighting current trends, research, and approaches in the fields of trauma, suicide prevention, and resilience. The conference is a great opportunity to gain insight and knowledge about these topics and to network with peers. Events by other organizations are also listed below.

Hear what attendees have said about our conferences:

“Truly one of THE BEST conferences I’ve ever attended” –School Psychologist
“Best day-long conference I’ve attended over many years. Thank you!” –Grief Counselor
“This was a great conference. Caliber of presentations was outstanding. It fed
my brain and my heart.” 
–Social Worker
“The conference was excellent and I really liked the way you presented the Marathon
work. You guys organize some of the best conferences I have been to!”

Riverside Trauma Center’s 6th Annual Conference
was held on September 22, 2016

“You Come to Us Endangered”:*
Legacies of Community Trauma,
Narratives of Healing and Resilience

*Ta-Nehisi Coates

This year’s annual conference focused on how the impact of trauma, even individual trauma, affects communities, and what can be done to foster resilience and healing, both individually and collectively. Drawing from the experiences of specific communities including Ferguson, MO, the Black Lives Matter movement, American Muslims, and urban LGBTQ youth, the theme will be examined through the lens of community narratives that develop after traumatic events. We explored ways in which these communities have used collective sharing, group work, political organizing, theater, poetry, and other forms of expression to shift narratives and create healing stories.

Visit our Facebook page to check out photos from the event.

Presentations were:

“Addressing Community Mental Health in the WThompsonake of Civil Unrest”
Vetta Sanders Thompson, PhD, is a professor at Washington University in St. Louis, in the George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Public Health and Urban Studies Programs.



“Clinical and Community Responses to Collective Trauma”JackSaul_photocrop
Jack Saul, PhD, is the director of the International Trauma Studies Program (ITSP) and Assistant Professor of Clinical Population and Family Health at Columbia University’s School of Public Health.



“Clinical Implications of Islamophobia and its Impact Beyond the Muslim Community”
Riverside Trauma Center Needham, MAJune 11, 2014Waheeda Saif, LMHC, is a program coordinator at Riverside Trauma Center. She provides consultation after traumatic events, and conducts trainings on a range of issues, including trauma, suicide, responding to grief and loss, and the current climate in the U.S. regarding Islamophobia.


Special Events:

BedelynDabelEnough 2darkercropRAW (Raw Art Works), a nonprofit youth arts organization in Lynn, MA, believes that every kid should be seen and heard. At RAW, kids from a challenged city are inspired to create extraordinary works of art, a strong community, and life-affirming futures. Our conference featured a RAW Exhibit with art created by youth as their personal response to community trauma. www.rawartworks.org
Image at right is of Alton Sterling’s son at a press conference following his death.

The Theater Offensive’s True Colors Troupe is a theater program in Boston for GLBTQQ youth and their straight allies. Their performances transform their personal struggles into theater for social change. The conference featured a performance by True Colors Alumni. www.thetheateroffensive.org

Other Events

Other events run by reputable organizations in our field that may be of interest will be listed below when available.