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Video Resources

Video Resources

These videos offer close captioning while viewing. To activate close captioning, start the video and click on the “cc” icon on the lower right. To choose a language other than English, click on the gear icon on the lower right and select either Spanish or the auto-translate option for additional languages.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been especially hard on our older adult community. Board Certified Geriatrician Alan Abrams, M.D. discusses the fear and anxiety they may experience and safe ways to reassure them they can make it through these challenging times.

Hear from actual teens how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their lives – in both positive and negative ways.

Although we associate “grief” with the death of a person, during this pandemic we may find ourselves grieving for the things we lost during these months of social distancing, like cancellation of big life events, loss of employment, or the “shattered assumptions” that the world is a safe place that we have some control over.

Grief can be compounded when we aren’t able to practice the rituals you would normally use to cope and celebrate the life of someone you lost.

Many of us have been feeling brain fog during COVID-19. Cognitive load theory is one way of understanding why and what we can do about it.

Three tenants can help teens cope with uncertain times: safety, predictability and control. Learn more from Riverside Trauma Center expert Larry Berkowitz.

It’s not always easy to understand your teen, but our Riverside Trauma Center experts have some advice on how to connect and help them cope during stressful events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Riverside Trauma Center’s team provides an overview of Psychological First Aid practices with a walk through for telehealth.

Riverside Trauma Center expert Marlene Kenney walks you through a progressive muscle relaxation exercise. You can add these types of exercises to your toolbox to use whenever you’re having a hard time relaxing your mind or body.

Riverside Trauma Center expert Marlene Kenney walks you through how to do a spiral breathing exercise to help calm the body and mind.