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Because we know that what we focus on grows in terms of emotional and psychological well-being, we asked people to share what self-care practices are helping them. Over the past few weeks, we have posted a number of suggestions our social media friends submitted on our Facebook page. Please enjoy this helpful tips and share them with others that may benefit. #whatyoufocusongrows

Charles Alperin from Bedford Public Schools says: “I am coping by helping my clients via telehealth and lots of self-care that includes lots of exercise at home and long walks. Here is a picture from yesterday’s walk in The Middlesex Fells”

Our colleague Marcel Deschaneaux from Riverside Community Care’s Upton Outpatient Clinic shared their Victory garden started in the site’s kitchen. We all plan on having a big salad when this thing is over!

Vicky Sherwood from Emmaus Family Shelter has found this graphic from thecounselingteacher.com on focusing on what we do have control over particularly helpful.

Our friend Steve Gross, Chief Playmaker at Life is Good Playmakers, has some great recommendations for the five domains to think about for keeping yourself well in body and mind during this time: sleep and the 4 ‘tions.

Julie Greiner-Ferris from Riverside Community Care’s Upton Outpatient clinic said, “I have been wearing mismatched socks every day to make myself smile, and remind myself that things aren’t as they should be!”

Finding new things to love about our homes is a special part of #whatyoufocusongrows. Riverside Trauma Center’s Marlene Kenney is discovering the beauty of light. “Today I noticed a beautiful shadow on the wall of my dining room. Since I am working from home, I am noticing new and special things about my house.”

Riverside Trauma Center’s Joanna Bridger loves this quote from Bruce Perry about the absolute necessity of social connectedness during this time:

Sara Keisel shared her healthy coping strategy which includes a combination of mind and body activities. Sara’s suggestions include:
• long walks
• good music
• cooking new dishes
• meditating
• reading
• funny movies
• Facetime with far away friends and family
• cleaning and organizing

Rebecca Mirick, our Riverside Research Consultant, says that it is helping her to find time to be outside and take a breath. Slowing down and really seeing nature…not just walking by it.
Here is her favorite example from a few days ago…MUSKRAT VS GOOSE!

We know that what we focus on grows in terms of emotional and psychological well-being. Riverside Trauma Center’s Marlene Kenney decided to pay it forward! “Yesterday I got some much needed technical support from my mother’s Maine based IT professional. When I asked how much to pay him, he said, “It’s free because of the pandemic. Just go ahead and pay it forward.” So we did that by doubling what he SHOULD have charged and made a donation to Off Their Plate, an organization that is feeding medical workers.

Critical Incident Responder, Melinda Gonyea, has been finding crafting and baking helpful. #whatyoufocusongrows